Hi, I have a big heart ♥

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Ticker. Emotions. Humanity. Spirit. Core. Essence. Heart.

We all need one to survive. 

I’ve pegged my blog to simply be the eruption of my heart and its contents. It contains my thoughts, guidelines, treasures, and muses. Also included are my burdens, insecurities, torments, and phobias. In whole, my import is to show the free of soul and happiness of the heart in all aspects, confined by nothing.

I’m simply an optimist, sharing my optimism in hopes to help others and let others see the goodness in the world. What’s the point in being negative all of the time? Absolutely nothing. If one person can change something for the better, it lives on in others who wish to do the same. I live my life w/ good karma in mind because life is a Domino effect.

"These are the things that’ll make me smile, knowing this blunt might burn a while. I keep myself so lifted." :]