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Versace S/S 2013

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I haven’t really investigated the Egyptian pantheon on Textbook before, but it holds a very diverse array of deities. Oftentimes, the gods and goddesses take the form of animals, or half-animals with wolf heads, hawk heads, wings, etc. In ancient Egypt, the source of sustainability was the Nile. It’s water kept the kingdom moving, providing a source of irrigation for crops, a means of travel (which would eventually give way to the Suez canal) and also served as a point of their religion. The goddess associated with the Nile was Anuket, or Anukis. During the annual flood, Egyptians would throw precious items into the river as a thanks to her for her bounty. Anuket is usually shown with a headdress of feathers but there weren’t a lot of those available. 

1. Here, have some water

Dress by Mary Katrantzou, shoes by Donna Karan

2. Here, have some fishes

Top by Donna Karan, skirt by Versace, shoes by Dolce & Gabbana

3. Worship me, I give you the life

Dress by Peter Pilotto, shoes by Alexander McQueen

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Milan Fashion Week

‘Under the Sea’ at Versace!

Photo: Imaxtree